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Colakli Turkey

9 Nisan 2014
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  • Colakli Turkey

    Colakli Turkey, respectively, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks, and Ottomans civilizations. The seljuks, the sovereignty of the region with completely Turkish. The original tribal region which is the people of the livestock to be available, due to this region, had come the summer in this area, while in winter the foothills of the Taurus moving the lives of their own.
    In Colakli Turkey Map the people living in the majority of Indian tribes, While in new york, Bozahmetli, Sarıkeçili, as well as other oguz tribes from the nomad and the Turkmen tribes are also available.
    The name of the Colakli is the first of the tribe settled in the coming forth of the largest of the withered hand with One from a person who received is known.


    The geographical position of Colakli Hotels  the D-400 motorway in two divided by the City centre, 55 km. The district centre, 17 Km away from the green vegetation, Colakli Weather the coastal part of the hotel,holiday village and cottage villas is located 3.100 He’ health with an area of Special Environmental Protection Area in the area is located in a beautiful town. The resort borders the East Yavrudoğan and Zeyve villages, in the west, short films, Abundance, Niğit and Büklüce resorts, to the North Taşağıl resort and Teachers of the village, in the South of the Mediterranean consists of things to do in Colakli Turkey.


    The address-based population according to the census of the resident population 2.970 person. Colakli Weather During the summer months, the population density of hotels and holiday villas tourists and tatilcilerle increased by 10,000 people and reached up. The town Ensign, Kırlı and Fettahlı quarter, including 3 from the district consists of. Also During Our village, adjacent in the area.

    Colakli Beach Turkey of land in the structure of the near coastal areas in the regions flat, other areas of the semi-rugged terrain structure Colaki Turkey.
    The town has a typical Mediterranean climate. Summers are hot and dry, and winters are warm and rainy. The town fertile soil. The town’s economy, to the Mediterranean climate has olives, Citrus fruits, cotton and grain-oriented agricultural activities with vegetable farming is very important.


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