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Nearby Attractions

25 Kasım 2014
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  • Nearby Attractions


    Sorgun, where the forest meets the sea, is full of choice accommodation facilities, horse riding centres, tree- shaded picnic areas, and restaurants offering delicious menus. Sorgun, far away from the rush of city life, is a secluded spot where you can holiday in harmony with nature. Here you can listen to your body’s need for rejuvenation or, should the fancy take you, ride a horse along quiet forest trails and long empty beaches.

    Lake Titreyen

    Forest, lake and sea… These are the triple delights that make Lake Titreyen (lit. the shimmering lake) unique, accompanied with golden beaches and numerous accommodation and activity options! Lake Titreyen, surrounded by pine forest, derives its name from its waters which shimmer with the breeze. There are also horse riding

    centres which cater to ali skill levels, providing training to beginners and enabling confident riders to explore the spectacular lake shore on their own.

    Manavgat WaterfalI with Turquoise Waters

    Manavgat WaterfalI is a natural wonder not far from Side. At the waterfall giant plane trees extend their branches över the turquoise waters. The restaurants and cafes around allow you to enjoy the scenery while enjoying glorious tastes. The waterfall is the upper limit of the boat tours on the Manavgat River, and is just four kilometres from Side by highway. Come and enjoy the calming sound of falling water and pleasing colours of the lower pond, accompanied by a cup of tea or the tasty local food!

    Two kilometres upstream to Manavgat, Küçük (Lesser) WaterfalI offers several

    restaurants, cafes and teahouses. It provides a less busy, quieter atmosphere to its visitors.

    Oymapınar Dam; a spot of tranquillity

    The lake formed behind the Oymapınar Dam, with a depth of 100 metres, set at the foot of a 180-metre high rocky chasm, has a thrilling landscape and tranquil atmosphere, attracting many visitors. The Oymapınar Dam is 18 kilometres to Manavgat, and a few hours spent there, taking a boat tour in the tranquil lake, or a dinner enjoyed in a terrace with commanding view över the enchanting landscape, would be an unforgettable experience.

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