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Nightlife Side Turkey

8 Nisan 2014
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  • Nightlife Side Turkey

    In the region,  For the night life in Side Turkey young people prefer to have fun suffered by the Light House, Miranda, Titanic and Matice Disco as there are places. Harbour restorants bar tariffs.
    Nice is one of the rooms Light House Disco‘nun the introduction as follows:

    – Light House Beach; sea lighthouse, in front of the open and closed sections consists of. a 1000-person capacity. DJ”s played the music, a lot of people until the morning eğlendiriyor. nightlife side turkey Light House in the morning from 08:00 in the morning from 04:30 until hizmettte. In the daytime hours are from 08:00 to 21 .00 from the cafeteria, 21:00am-4:30 arasy disco as a service to customers and entertains. 21:00-23:00 arasy happy hour is being done. Light House Disco”also during the summer months the time in the world tanınımış an artist concert, twice a month in our country and the well-known musicians, concerts can beside-night

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