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Side Turkey Beaches

4 Nisan 2014
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  • Side Turkey Beaches

    Side turkey beaches one of the best known classical sites in Turkey, was an ancient harbor whose name meant pomegranate. The old town is situated on a cliff 300 meters and 800 meters long, wide, and is now “today, despite tourism development where new meets old town is a resort on the unique and charming on the southern coast of Turkey. As you know off the top of the main street of the harbor, a walk once a small fishing port and is now filled with cruise ships, you can look into the little side streets to the sea on both sides of the show. Side turkey beaches is the best preserved of its former functions, including architectural and archaeological sites. In each round with a new monument or ruin which never ceases to those who are confronted every time to go back in amazement.

    Side turkey beaches

    Side turkey beaches is the only ancient city on the southern coast of Turkey have been systematically excavated. The harbor was a port, it was a slave market and flourished as a center of piracy. The city flourished during the Roman Empire, and most of the monuments from this period .. In the 10th Century comes to a fire and the present town from the early 20 Century when it was founded by a group of exiled Greek-speaking Muslims from Crete, abandoned. According to his former role of the sand had blocked the port and covered many ruins, probably at great beach, it is still part of the city and the existing stadium. Along the turn inbound, turn the street into the old town you can not have the ruins of an ancient time, a beautiful Roman aqueduct, the water 32 miles from the mountains, then use the Agora (marketplace) missed approach on the left and the Roman Baths, the right to your home for the museum (closed Mondays) fees for the museum gives you access to the theater access. In the last two summers and the theater was opened for growing mid-summer, folk and opera was used. The theater, in the 2nd Century, was built in one of the largest in Asia Minor, seats more than 17,000 employees and offers a beautiful view from the top of the city, the Hellenistic city walls, the beaches and the sea
    The entrance to the city itself, the theater, the largest in the area marked remarkable, and the small streets around the city to be residents or those who have a fixed limit on the walls. These people need to buy a pass, they can go to town. All visitors have the car in the parking lot at the top of the main road, which is impossible in the high season, parking is available, otherwise there is a large car park about 10 minutes outside of town, where a small visitor tram back and forth (for a nominal cost) about . 8m Clock at midnight and later in the season. Side turkey beaches At that time held all traffic between 20 and midnight Clock in the center of the city itself is crowded with pedestrians cars.One TheRuins the best times to end the day we go to the sun behind the Temple of Apollo hope, a show you see on the cover of many travel brochures set. Also notice. A walk through the streets to see again the beautiful architecture of old houses, many of them are restored to the original style.The a small sandy beach on the east sideof the peninsula, but is primarily used by locals and a large sandy beach on the west side of Peninsula used. Both beaches offer plenty of water.



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